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R.I.P. Mark “The Shark” Shelton!

One of the most enthusiastic, fan-loving and intimate bands of our time; thanks to you, Mark "The Shark" Shelton! Your musical work is indescribable and your energy and nerves for playing live gigs and catching up with fans in the past few years is honourable. I am incredibly happy I had the chance to be… Continue reading R.I.P. Mark “The Shark” Shelton!

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Announcements and announcements

Reasons for not being active pt. #a lot. So dear everyone, first of all I would like to apologize for being completely passive when it came to posting in the last months. The main thing is that at the beginning of April I moved from Budapest, Hungary to Leipzig, Germany and as you can imagine unfortunately the… Continue reading Announcements and announcements

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Reflections of our yesterdays

Thought I'd share one of my all time favorite lyrics with you. (No feeling can be compared to the one I got while Dreamweaver is spinning on the turntable, I'm leisurely sitting on my bed and browsing over the magical lyric-book of the album.) Sabbat - The Best of Enemies Oh instrument of God force - Fed on ignorance… Continue reading Reflections of our yesterdays

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Brutal Assault 2014

So we went to BA 2014 and it was simply awesome, this is close to being my best summer for years now! I was lucky enough to have a press pass, I did an interview with John Tardy of Obituary, I would have done one with Martin Van Drunen as well but unfortunately Hail of Bullets… Continue reading Brutal Assault 2014


“Pure fucking metal-hitchhiking over 400km”

So, there was a Nunslaughter-Demonical-Warfect gig on the 17th of July in Graz, me and my friend were planning to go there for a month, we just couldn't find anyone with a car isn't full going there. We were searching for weeks but then we said "okay fuck it" and decided to go by hitchhiking, so… Continue reading “Pure fucking metal-hitchhiking over 400km”

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One week full of chocolate

I just came home from the Benelux where I went for one week with my school, it was awesome! We saw Brussels, Amsterdam (well we only spent a day here and didn't have any free time unfortunately :D), Ghent, Bruges and Luxembourg. Since we had our housing in a little town in Belgium and had… Continue reading One week full of chocolate


With the Skull Fist guys

Me with Jonny and Jackie from Skull Fist after their show here in February, + Barry from Vanderbuyst in the grandma-sweater. I tried to do an interview with them but since 1. they're just completely crazy 2. we were all quite drunk, it turned out to be a total chaos :D There wasn't one single useful… Continue reading With the Skull Fist guys


Some kind of an introduction

Hello everyone, I'm a 18-year-old girl from Hungary who is in love mostly with '80s thrash and old school death metal, also with speed, death/thrash, black/thrash and heavy metal. My favourite bands surely include Kreator, Sodom, Death, Morbid Saint, Demolition Hammer, Slayer, Exciter and Obituary. I really like beer, bad jokes, irony, gigs, films, collecting records,… Continue reading Some kind of an introduction