I’m a 23-year-old Hungarian girl with interests in 80s’ thrash, early 90s’ old school death and 70s-80s’ hard rock/heavy metal. I’m also giving other genres like black or doom metal a listen from time to time.

Hi, I’m Estelle.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had a passion for writing and engaging others: in primary school I won two national children’s story writing competitions. This love for writing carried through my studies in high school and a love for metal music emerged. Shortly after, at 17, I started Darkness Unseen as a hobby to connect the two.

I continued down this path, heading to Germany to study a Bachelor in Communication and Media Studies. In my professional life I decided to go in the direction of PR and marketing communication, and so now I’ll continue my studies in Sweden with a Master in Strategic Communication. I also have an interest in sustainable development and language learning, my plans for an own organisation slowly start to crystallize.

Darkness Unseen is my little escape and some practice in content management. On it you’ll find:

  • Album reviews
  • Interviews with metal musicians
  • Concert and festival reports
  • Articles of personal metal-related stuff (lifestyle, habits, interesting studies, etc.)

Plans for the future:

  • YouTube videoblog
  • Webshop with self-designed old school T-shirts

Since 2014 I also write for the Portugal-based international magazine Metalegion.

Most impactful bands

Iron Maiden


Judas Priest

Dire Straits

I also love




Bad jokes

LP collecting

Abandoned places


T-shirt designing

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