Interview with the members of Pessimist (Ger)

Interview by Estelle on the 28th of March

The German new school thrash metal band, Pessimist was formed in 2006 by Michael “TZ” Schweitzer, Patrick “Peppi” Pfefferle and Robin Maurer. After several line-up changes the current one is: Michael “TZ” Schweitzer (vocals), Severin “Sevi” Wössner (bass and backing vocals), Richard Beck (guitars), Eric Tobian (guitars) and Daniel “Zufi” Zuflucht (drums).
I had the chance to ask a few things from the members.

Hey everyone, first of all thank you for doing the interview for The Metal Pit! My first few questions go to Eric:
pess1You are only in the band since 2012 – did the others choose you to join them? Are they satisfied with you?

Eric: In April 2012 I saw a post on Facebook in a group for local Metal artists. Because I unsuccessfully tried to start a band in summer of 2011, I saw this as a chance for finally making music with other people. The music was exactly my taste in Thrash, so I hoped they would give me a chance for an audition. Apparently I was good enough, so I bought some more equipment and played my first two gigs in September 2012. There weren’t any complications between the other members and me, so I’m happy being here.

What do the rest of the members think about your other project, the melodic death metal band Inner Sanctum? Can you work fully with both of the bands?

Eric: Pessimist and Inner Sanctum already played some gigs together before I joined any of these bands. Our drummer Zufi also plays in other bands beside Pessimist (Convictors, Destionation:Hell). Because none of these bands are giving a vast amount of gigs, it is possible for us play in several ones.

Do you like dark/gothic metal (the genre that Inner Sanctum firstly played)?

Eric: Not really. This kind of music was more or less some orientation phase for Inner Sanctum, they started making (Melodic) Death Metal after a few years and have kept it that way. 

pessYou mentioned me that some people thought you were Nazis because of the ‘SS’ symbol in the Pessimist logo. How did the band handle this situation?

Eric: We explained them that we are no Nazis. Pessimist is written with two S, no more, no less. I think some people make up some reasons to harm the band, who knows why. Just to clarify: We strongly dissociate from any kind of nationalism and any political extremism!

Now I’d like to ask two things from Michael: You are one of the founding members. Is there anything that didn’t go how you wanted in connection with the band?

TZ: To preserve the peace of this band, I won’t tell any stories of this kind… ;-) 

Does everyone get along well with each other?

TZ: Yes, indeed, we also have a good friendship beside the band, for example when we are visiting local concerts or recommend good music to each other.

Your first full-length album, Call to War from 2010 was a great success among the fans of thrash metal. What do you think, could you beat it with Death from Above from 2013? Which one do the fans like better?

Eric: We definitely beat Call to War with our current record Death from Above. It is far more aggressive, faster, heavier, has a better production and is more mature. Most fans really enjoy our new record, nobody was disappointed. Some people preferred our first record, other people our second record. I think it needs some time till we can recognize which record is the more popular one. 

Do you have a favorite track off the records that you mostly like to play on the shows?

Eric: Every member really likes the 9th and last track “The Last Bastion”. It has a great combination of melodic parts and heavy parts and has good fitting lyrics.

Are you planning to release a third full-length album? Are you planning to keep the same spirit in the future in connection with the music you play?

Eric: Absolutely we want to keep the same spirit and release another album. We are still writing songs and we will again try to beat our previous record. Stay hungry!

pess2On both of your albums there were instrumental songs, and there were lyrics in German as well. Will you continue this ‘tradition’?

Eric: Never change a winning team. If it fits for the song and the whole album, we will keep it. If not, well then we will try something different, we’ll see!

Is Pessimist trying to meet the expectations of someone, a particular audience or some other bands?

Eric: We play the music we like. We are having fun playing this music and I think people can see this when they attend a show of us.

Do you have any plans about an international tour?

Eric: Not really. Every member has a job beside the band and planning a tour is really hard. Maybe one day we could plan a small tour if everybody has the time and the money, but nothing is planned yet.

Thank you very much for talking to us, I wish all the best for all of you and for Pessimist as a whole as well! 

Eric: Thank you very much for this interesting interview, Estelle! Support the underground! Cheers!


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