Interview with Cara McCutchen from Mortillery

Interview by Estelle on the 2th of April 2014

The Canadian new school thrash metal band Mortillery released two albums since it was founded in 2008 – the fast and furious ‘Murder Death Kill’ in 2011 and the also thrashy and strong ‘Origin of Extinction’ in 2013. I had the opportunity to ask some things from Mortillery’s vocalist, the beautiful Cara McCutchen.

Hello Cara, thank you for saving a little time of yours for this interview! First of all I would like to ask, how do most of the guys in the metal scene see what you are doing? Does everyone accept that women can sing in bands that play brutal and heavy genres such as thrash metal? 

Thank you for this opportunity! I think that we are entering an age where it is becoming quite common to see metal chicks armed with microphones. I have always felt accepted by this type of music and my fellow metal mates. However, there are and always will be haters out there and there is nothing wrong with that really. I mean some people just don’t like female vocals and I am not in any way offended by this or feel like I’m being discriminated.

cara1Did this you being a musician thing start as a hobby or did you know you want to have a career?

This is and has always been a hobby for me. It’s just a hobby that I’m starting to have to take more seriously now. I honestly never thought that it would actually go anywhere. Who knew? Maybe I should consider this to be a career but I fear that if I did that it would be less fun.

If you could choose any vocalist that you respect or admire the most for some reason, who would it be and why?

My favorite vocalist is Sebastian Bach because of his range and style and the perfect addition of rasp in his voice. Like no other.

Which metal band would it be the most interesting for you to hang out with?

Judas Priest. I would love to hear their stories.

What do you think, how do the big old bands see this whole ‘new school (thrash) metal’ movement which is/was going on nowadays? How do you see it?

I like to play thrash because it’s fast, fun and full of energy. You can incorporate other genres into it safely without ruining anything which keeps me entertained. I have the utmost respect for the original thrash bands and I hope that they support us new bands keeping thrash alive today as it is a genre that I hope never dies.

You recently finished an European tour with Sepultura, Legion of the Damned and Flotsam & Jetsam. What was the best moment of the tour for you?

Well actually there are 2 in particular.

The first is at our last show in Eindhoven, where myself, Kevin our drummer, Kent our lead shredder, Kelly and A.K. from Flotsam and Erik from Legion got to go on stage with Sepultura and play drums with them to the song Kaiowas. Before I was a singer, I played drums. I wasn’t all that good or anything but at that moment I realized why so many years ago (about 17 years actually) I owned a drum kit. IT WAS SO I COULD PLAY DRUMS ON STAGE WITH SEPULTURA!!!!!! You couldn’t beat the smile off my face.

The second moment happened at about 3:30 in the morning in the middle of nowhere, Spain. We were partying on the bus and the driver stopped at some random gas station. This happened a lot but I think this was the only time I actually got off the bus. I went into the gas station and some random woman approached me and said “excuse me, excuse me! I have a gift for you” She opened her hand and there was a Mortillery Murder Death Kill button and a Mortillery key chain (both of which we have never made). She told me that she had made them herself. It was so random that all I could mutter at the time was “thank you very much” and as fast as she appeared she was gone. That morning I awoke thinking that it was just a drunken dream but I looked on my vest and there they were! So… if you are out there Random Spain Gas Station Lady, Thank you for supporting Mortillery and for spreading the word about us! It was so good to meet you!

cara2Haha, great stories!
Which country or city was it the most enjoyable to play in?

Katowice, Poland was the best crowd for sure. People were absolutely freaking out! Thanks guys! Actually we always had good crowds. Way more people than I expected as the shows started very early. Another highlight show was the Thrash Fest we played on our second day in Munchen, Germany with Suicidal Angels, Fueled By Fire and Lost Society. Great people! Great lineup! Great Party!! As far as countries go, I really enjoyed the absolute beauty of Austria. I will be making a personal trip there in the future.

Do you get along well with the members of the other bands?

To be honest I was very worried about being on a bus and around so many people every day. I am not the most social person and really enjoy my space but absolutely every person in all 3 other bands and all of the crew were just amazing! This was Mortillery’s first tour ever and everyone was very supportive, understanding and willing to show us the ropes. In fact our Merch Girl Robin Mazen taught me so much about the touring life too as she has a lot of experience. I got sick right in the middle of the tour for about a week and a half, and A.K. was kind enough to share some of his knowledge (and vitamins) with me about what to do when you get sick on tour. That really helped. Many of us would stay up into the wee hours in the morning on the bus hanging out, partying and listening to tunes. It was such an all around positive experience for us and we just feel so honored to have been a part of that tour.

How did the fans welcome Mortillery’s second album ‘Origin of Extinction’ in your opinion?

Very well! We have had great reviews and people seem to really like the new material at the live shows.

What are the things that you do not like to do when it comes to making a new album?

Recording!!!! I really dislike recording! I like figuring out the melody and arrangement of songs but I don’t really enjoy writing lyrics nor am I that great at it.

Do you have a personal favorite song by the band that you mostly like to play on the shows?

My favorite song is Without Weapons because it’s personal. Actually I think it’s the only song that I have written that is personal. I also really like to play No Way Out and Despised By Blood live.

mortillery1What was the funniest or craziest thing in general that you ever did with Mortillery? What was the moment or period when you mostly felt that this whole being-in-a-band thing was worth it?

Definitely our tour with Sepultura made me feel that way.

Do you have any plans about a next album so far?

We sure do! We already have over half a new album written and now that the tour is over, writing and recording the rest of it is our priority. We aim to hit the studio in the fall. I’m very excited for the new material. Kent has been such a great addition to Mortillery and I have to say that these new songs just slay! I’m am so excited to unleash them upon the masses!

Thank you very much for talking to us Cara, all the best to you and to Mortillery!

Thank you very much for your interest and support! Hope to see you in the pit one day! Cheers!


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