Live interview with Olof Wikstrand

Even though I actually made this little interview randomly (I thought it would be great for practicing since I love Enforcer anyway – I was like, if I’m already at their show, why not?), also at the end it has turned into some kind of a chatting that I didn’t include, I think it’s still worth publishing. So here it is:)

Live interview with Olof Wikstrand from Enforcer

Interview by Estelle on the 18th of Febr 2014

I’m here with Olof Wikstrand, the guitarist and vocalist of the Swedish heavy/speed metal band Enforcer which is currently on tour with Skull Fist, Vanderbuyst and Gengis Khan; we are looking forward to a really good Enforcer show in Budapest, Hungary in about 1-2 hours or something.

Hey Olof, first of all thank you for doing this little interview with me! I would like to ask, is there anything that maybe didn’t go how you wanted in connection with Enforcer? 

Ugh, that’s a tough question. Yeah of course, when we started the band we had some ideas that within a year we would do stadium tours – that didn’t happen, but lots of other things have happened, we’ve toured the world a couple of times, so that’s not bad either. (laughs)
It’s really hard to say I’m not really disappointed in anything, but as long as everything goes in the right direction and we have more crowd on every show than we had before, and you know, selling more records all the time, getting to new places, then it’s an achievement for me. The day when the band stops to grow, now that would be a disappointment but so far everything is on the right track.


Still, is there anything that you would change if you could go back in the past of the band?

No, really not. I think we’ve done the right decisions in most of the things, but you know you always learn from your… not mistakes, but you learn from everything you do. Keep everything as close to the band as possible, do as much as you can, as much as possible, never give any responsibility to any producer, always follow your own ideas and make them 100%. It’s sort of what we have learned from working with a band. Some things have turned out great, some things could have turned out better if we did it more according to our own visions instead of listening to some producer sometimes, but the business is always shit you know, sometimes it really doesn’t depend on the band. But when it comes to ideas and stuff, always follow what you think is right instead of giving any responsibility to any external person.

Now a personal question for you: if you could hang out or spend a day with any musician even from the past, who would it be? 

It’s really hard to say. I mean every time has its own vibe and, especially when you hang out with lots of different bands, you effect each other, together you create – not only within let’s say this band, but among other bands – you create ideas together, and actually I think the time that we are living in right now is perfect for us.

Can you say a few words about Enforcer? If you had to describe the band in 3 words, what would you say?

The way I want to see it is: Enforcer is a fist in the face of current trends, past trends and everything.

Do you know why do girls like Enforcer so much?

Do they? I have no idea. You know when we started we played only in front of all the guys, all the metalheads, it was actually just let’s say 2 years ago when girls also started to show up on our shows, and that’s really really cool.

Actually it’s so weird for me, I mean with Skull Fist and with you as well, because you know metal is liked by men usually, and as I could notice you have much more girl fans from around the world than lots of other young (heavy) metal bands.

It doesn’t have to be like that. I can’t see any genetic difference between the feelings that you create with music, it doesn’t have anything to do with gender in my opinion. There’s nothing surprising in that but I find some girls at least from my experience maybe a bit weaker when it comes to trends. Many girls choose to follow current trends rather than doing something on their own. More girls seem to choose more contemporary trends like listening to disco music, going to discos, following fashion. Boys are maybe brought up to stand out more, stand out from the crowd – traditionally, but it can be different in every country, it can be different in every culture, it’s just my impression about especially Sweden.

Enforcer+enfDo you have a personal favorite song by Enforcer?

I would like to see it the way like my favorite songs are all of the songs, because if we did a song that wouldn’t be as good as the other songs, then there would be no point in doing that. All the songs have to be the best you have ever done, otherwise it’s useless to do any new songs. Do you?

My personal favorite is everyone’s favorite actually, Katana. 

I don’t know, it’s always different, some people say that but at the same time you can’t do things that sound the same all the time either.

Did you get any offers for playing at big festivals or something in the summer?

Yeah, we have a few coming up, we’ll play on Summer Breeze in Germany this year but we played on lots of big festivals during the years, we played on Sonisphere, we played on all that big festivals in the summertimes.

How do you like Hungary so far? (You don’t have to say it’s nice if you don’t think it that way :D)

So far Hungary has been treating us really well. I’ve never been here before, this is the first show that we do here and I’ve never been here as a tourist or anything. We had a really really good night out yesterday, did some quick sightseeing, met some really nice people – it’s been treating us really well.
I’m also really curious to see how it’s gonna be tonight, they say it’s usually quite good to play here.

Well, the Hungarian metal community isn’t as big as German or even Swedish of course but we can do well with the right people for sure.

It’s not so big in Sweden either, we have many bands in Sweden but we don’t really have big audience for this type of music at all.

Anyway, let’s see, I’ll be there and I’ll be headbanging, thank you very much again for doing this little interview, I was Estelle from (… yeah I was just referring to my previous site here) and see you at the show!

Looking forward to see you there! 


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